The Firefighter Games are a fun way to showcase the teamwork, training, and skills in equipment usage that is a daily part of being a firefighter. Our goal is to encourage camaraderie while raising awareness of the importance of our volunteers in Buckingham County.

The Games
  • All teams compete in all events until the two teams with the most points go head-to-head in one final event to take the Thor’s Hammer and the cash prize.
  • Prizes are awarded to the winning team for each round.
  • All events will be performed in full Bunker Gear, less SCBA mask and hood unless otherwise specified in the event description or for safety reasons due to event procedures.
  • These events are meant to be fun for the audience and participants, but the goal is to highlight FF skills, equipment and practices, of which our attention to safety and PPE are one of our major concerns.

Shoot Straight

3 sections of 1 ½ Attack line with the nozzle, separated at all joints. Firefighters must connect the lines to the truck, and nozzle, charge the line then knock over a series of targets, from a distance of 30’.

Team size: 3

Scoring: Time and accuracy

Bucket Brigade

The team must form a bucket brigade from a 3000-gallon water bladder up a 24′ ladder to fill a 55-gallon drum. Buckets will be passed along the line, filling the drum.

Team size: up to 10
Scoring: Timed

Ladder Throw

Two- person relay must pick-up the ladder, run 50 yards, throw, foot and climb the ladder and ring the bell, drop the ladder and return it to the start, where the second relay will repeat the event. All must be done by NFPA standards for carrying, setting and footing ladders, as taught in Fire Fighter 1.

Team size: 4
Scoring: Technical and Timed

Gear Don

A two-person team will don their PPE from Street Clothes (no Crocks, flip-flops or untied shoes) to full PPE including SCBA and Mask, team members are to check each other for proper donning, then they will be checked by the judges for correctness. Team Size 2, scored and timed.

Team Size: 2
Scoring: Technical and Timed

Minute-Man Relay

Relay members will carry a 50’-0” 1 ½” attack line with a nozzle in the “Minute Man” configuration and complete a 50 yard 6-leg relay in full PPE. Team size 6, timed.

Team size: 6
Scoring: Timed

Door Breach

Using the standard door breach training apparatus, team members will simulate breaching a door by NFPA standards.

Team Size: 6, (2 FF, 3 times)
Scoring: best average time of 3 breaches

Extrication Jenga

Teams will test their extrication acumen in a super-sized version of Jenga where the blocks are moved using the Jaws of Life!

Team Size: One per round
Scoring: Earn points for each successful round without toppling the tower!

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