Welcome, Firefighters!

We hope you’ll join the founders of Thor’s Hammer along with
Glenmore, Toga, Arvonia, and Dillwyn 
Volunteer Fire Departments in this event!

Come play with us!
  • Enter your secret recipe Firehouse Chili in the Cookoff
  • Enter teams to compete in the Games
  • Auxiliary can offer desserts & man the hot dog station
  • Bring apparatus for Fire Truck Row – show off our cool gear and tech
  • Have staff around to talk to the public about the fire service, vehicles, and training
  • Be a mentor for Thor’s Club (Drive Smart, Safe and Sober Program)
What’s in it for the VFD’s
  • Raise awareness of the Fire Service in the Community
  • Encourage new members to join the Fire Service\
  • Join in a fun event to build camaraderie between all the fire departments
  • Use the event as an opportunity to reach out to new junior members
  • Win cash and firefighter-related prizes for chili and games
  • Compete to Win the Thor’s Hammer Trophy for 2018 Games and a cash prize
  • All participating departments will get a share of the ticket sales in addition to anything they win in the competitions
  • All participating VFD members & auxiliary get a Thor’s Hammer tee shirt
Eat chili – Play Games – Raise Money & Awareness – Have Fun – Remember Thor!
If you’re interested in participating or would like to learn more contact us:
Thor’s Hammer
3098 Sycamore Creek Road
Buckingham, VA 23921
Cassandra & George Stish

Register Your VFD for the Games!