What’s more fun than watching your local VFD members
(your friends & family members) compete in firefighter games?

Eating delicious chili!

Do you have a family recipe that you think would earn the
merit and attention of our illustrious judges?

Enter the Chili-cook to win:

Bragging Rights!
Cool Thor’s Hammer Swag!

– plus –

Cash Prizes

$250 to the BEST OVERALL Chili
$250 to the PEOPLE’S CHOICE Chili
$150 to each Individual Category Winner

I want to cook chili and WIN!


Entry Form

Cook-Off Info

  • Each team receives up to three admission bands including food & beverage tickets for your crew, one Thor’s Hammer teeshirt and, one Thor’s Hammer apron (please tell us what size tee shirt you would like!)
  • Each team must provide their own work table and serving table. The organizers will provide a table to be used as a serving station only.
  • Cook at least 10 gallons of chili  – although much more appreciated (remember there will be a large hungry crowd).
  • Chili must be prepared on site
  • Pre-soaked beans OK – Pre-mixed sauce OK — (not pre-cooked). Vegetables may be pre-chopped. Meat must come from or be processed by a licensed dept. or butcher. All food items must be stored and transported in properly iced coolers to maintain a temperature below 40 degrees.
  • Each entry must complete the Virginia Health Department application and submit to Thor’s Hammer before September 15, 2018
  • Thor’s Hammer will provide sample cups, spoons, hair nets, gloves, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and sanitation stations for utensils and hand washing.
  • Set-up limited to 12′ by 12′ area – Space limited to first 12 entries.
  • Entry deadline September 15, 2018

Teams Will Provide

  • Non-electrical cooking apparatus (ie. Coleman stove, charcoal grill, firewood, pots, and utensils)
  • Non-copper cooking pots with lids, non-copper cooking utensils
  • Canopy, tarp or easy-up to cover cooking area
  • Table(s), chairs, etc. for preparation
  • Hair control devices, i.e. hats or nets
  • Banners, signs, decorations for a unique themed set-up
  • All teams must have proof of age to receive beer from the beer truck. After showing proof of age your team will receive a special stamp/bracelet to show to enjoy an adult beverage.
  • All teams must regularly wash hands (very important) to ensure a safe, sanitary environment

Judging Criteria & Categories

  • Unique Name — 1 to 10 points awarded
  • Theme / Set-up — 1 to 20 points – Judges will be looking for a sign with the name of the chili clearly visible and the theme or name represented in a fun and engaging manner. How well do the decorations and props support the theme?
  • Quality of the Chili — possible 50 points.
    • Meat or meat substitute – 1 to 10 points
    • Beans – 1 to 10 points
    • Spice balance and seasoning – 1 to 10 points
    • Texture – 1 to 10 points
    • Overall quality, how well does the recipe convey the theme, how well was it executed – 1 to 10 points
Individual Categories
  • Best Firehouse Chili – Firehouse entries ONLY – top-scoring chili from the firehouse entries + 20 points
  • Best Red Chili (non-firehouse entries) (must have beans) + 20 points
  • Best Vegetarian  + 20 points
  • Best Theme / Set-up + 20 points
Best Over All Chili will be the chili with the highest total score across all categories.

People’s Choice Winner is determined by the entry with the most tokens at the end of the voting period.


$150 for each Individual Category Winner!
$250 to BEST OVERALL Chili
$250 for PEOPLE’s CHOICE Chili
Variety of Donated Gift Certificates from Local Businesses

I want to cook chili and WIN!


Entry Form