September 29, 2018
11 am to 6 pm – at the B.A.R.N.
11851 W James Anderson Hwy.
Buckingham, VA 23921

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The 2nd Annual Memorial
Thor’s Hammer Firefighter Rodeo
and Chili Cook-Off

Benefit for the Buckingham County Volunteer Fire Departments.

Thurston (Thor “Sparkplug”) Lewis Stish (d. 12/31/2015) lived by the song, “I Love This Life” by LoCash. Broad shouldered and six feet tall, Thor had a quick and easy-going smile, a confident, swaggering walk and baby blue eyes that shone equally with mirth and kindness. He made friends with everyone he met and was always ready to pitch in and help a neighbor. He was a quintessential country boy who loved to hunt, fish, and fix cars and trucks–either his own or anybody else’s, it didn’t matter. He was a dedicated member of the Toga Volunteer Fire Department since joining as a Junior member in 2012.

Thor’s Hammer has been established in his memory. He lived to help others, and those of us who love him wanted a way to extend his passion for the fire service beyond his untimely death. Thor’s family, friends and fellow firefighters are hosting an event with the hope of having a lasting positive effect on the volunteer fire service in Buckingham County and surrounding shared response areas.

We’ve combined many of Thor’s favorite things into this event – firefighting, chili, music, and competition. Our aim is to create a fun and engaging opportunity for the VFD’s to raise awareness, recruit new members, win prizes and cash. But most of all, we want to celebrate the giving nature of Thor Stish as exemplified by his dedication to the community that he called home.